Don't IEP Alone.

Finding Practical Solutions for Disabled Professionals: A Discussion with Ariadne Wolf

October 11, 2023 Lisa Lightner Season 3 Episode 6
Don't IEP Alone.
Finding Practical Solutions for Disabled Professionals: A Discussion with Ariadne Wolf
Show Notes

Ariadne Wolf is a dedicated advocate for disabled and neurodivergent women writers who have faced trauma. Having worked closely with this community, Ariadne discovered their struggle to share their pain stories and connect with audiences in a meaningful and authentic way. This realization led her to establish an editorial consulting business, focusing on empowering and supporting her disabled community. Alongside her career, Ariadne pursued her master's in conflict resolution at the University of Oregon, using her experiences to enhance her skills in communication and relationship-building. Throughout her journey, she encountered the Amber Heard trial, drawing parallels between her own experiences and the challenges faced by individuals facing the daunting task of sharing personal stories before an audience. Motivated by her personal growth and advocacy work, Ariadne recognized a gap in the support system available to individuals navigating accessibility needs, realizing that legal assistance often falls short in providing the necessary empathy and guidance. She believes a trauma-informed and communication-focused approach, with an emphasis on maintaining relationships, is essential in creating safe and inclusive spaces for individuals with disabilities. Ariadne's passion for storytelling and advocacy drives her mission to empower others and foster understanding and support within the disabled community.

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