Don't IEP Alone.

Let's Talk About Behavior (Part 1)

November 15, 2023 Lisa Lightner Season 3 Episode 11
Don't IEP Alone.
Let's Talk About Behavior (Part 1)
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Don't IEP Alone podcast! In this episode, we will talk about BEHAVIOR!

Lisa Lightner, host of the Don't IEP Alone Podcast, discusses the flaws and trends she's seeing with problematic FBAs. She argues that anyone can do an FBA, but not everyone has the necessary training to do so effectively. She also points out that FBAs often don't go deep enough to identify the root cause of a child's behavior. 

Finally, she suggests that parents should make sure that their child's IEP is being implemented with fidelity before requesting an FBA.

Don't IEP Alone with Lisa Lightner, Special Education Advocate

Thank you for listening to this episode of Don't IEP Alone. See you next time!

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