Don't IEP Alone.

No Meet Addendum

November 21, 2023 Lisa Lightner Season 3 Episode 13
Don't IEP Alone.
No Meet Addendum
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Don't IEP Alone. I'm Lisa Lightner, your host, and in today's episode, we dive into the important topic "No-Meet Addendum". 

In this episode, I encourage parents to consider the no-meet addendum for manageable changes, emphasizing its efficiency and time-saving benefits. I recently used it for a transportation tweak and even when my son was temporarily without a nurse.
So, as we approach the holiday rush, remember, that a no-meet addendum can be your ally for streamlining the IEP process. Check out my blog post on the topic for more details. And with that, I'll keep it short and sweet. I wish you all a thankful and peaceful week ahead, filled with joy and perhaps some ribs and mac and cheese, as my family and I celebrate together. Take care, and remember, you don't have to navigate the IEP journey alone.

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