Don't IEP Alone.


December 05, 2023 Lisa Lightner Season 3 Episode 16
Don't IEP Alone.
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I want to delve into the concept of "gotcha." Four specific situations have recently come up where parents felt they had the upper hand, armed with what they believed were game-changing pieces of information. But does a gotcha moment really work in the world of IEPs?

To clarify, a gotcha is like saying, "I've got you" to surprise or frighten someone, indicating an advantage. I've encountered parents who believe they've caught their IEP team in a gotcha moment, armed with information that should lead to positive changes. However, it's crucial to understand why this approach often falls short.

Parents, understandably frustrated and feeling extra pressure in the current climate, bring forth information they believe will change the game. But having a gotcha doesn't necessarily result in the outcomes parents hope for.

Don't IEP Alone with Lisa Lightner, Special Education Advocate

Thank you for listening to this episode of Don't IEP Alone. See you next time!

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