Don't IEP Alone.

Chatting with Nicole Santiago from Family ADDventures

December 07, 2023 Lisa Lightner Season 3
Don't IEP Alone.
Chatting with Nicole Santiago from Family ADDventures
Show Notes

Welcome to another empowering episode of the "Don't IEP Alone" podcast! I'm your host, Lisa Lightner, and today, I am thrilled to have a special guest, Nicole Santiago, from Family Adventures. Nicole shares her incredible journey, transitioning from a dedicated Spanish teacher to becoming an advocate for children with diverse learning needs, driven by personal experiences with her own three children, each facing unique challenges.

In this episode, we delve into Nicole's inspiring advocacy work, from her experiences in the education system to her unexpected role in training the San Antonio Police Department on understanding and responding to individuals with neurodivergent needs. Nicole's commitment to breaking down barriers and keeping children out of the school-to-prison pipeline is truly commendable.

We also explore her involvement in supporting a family facing challenges with their church, highlighting the ongoing struggle for inclusivity and understanding within religious communities. Nicole's insights into the complexities of advocating for neurodivergent individuals offer valuable lessons for listeners passionate about making a positive impact.

Tune in, connect with Nicole:

If you've ever wondered about stepping into advocacy or are seeking inspiration for your journey, this episode is a must-listen. Remember, you don't have to navigate the world of IEPs alone!

Don't IEP Alone with Lisa Lightner, Special Education Advocate

Thank you for listening to this episode of Don't IEP Alone. See you next time!

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